About Finelogy

Finelogy is a brand name for New Zealand Natural Made products. Categories include Natural Foods, Health Supplement, and 100% Nature cosmetic products. All products are 100% New Zealand Made with the best ingredients on the planet.


Q: What are the benefits of Manuka Honey?

A: Manuka honey health benefits have been touted in the natural health world for a long time and even more in recent years because a growing body of research is starting to support thousands of years of folk medicine use. Some of the top Manuka honey uses are:

  • SIBO, Low Stomach Acid, Acid Reflux
  • Acne and Eczema
  • Staph Infections (MRSA)
  • Burns, Wounds & Ulcers
  • Tooth Decay & Gingivitis
  • Sore Throats and Immunity
  • Allergies and Sinusitis
  • Beauty Treatment & Health Booster
  • Improves Sleep
  • IBS and IBD

Q: What are the main active ingridents in Manuka Honey?

A: What makes Manuka honey different is its amazing nutritional profile. Regular raw honey is already known for its tremendous nutritional and immune boosting abilities. Generally speaking, the typical raw unfiltered honey is a rich source of:
  • Amino acids
  • B vitamins (B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid)
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • ManganeseUnique

Q: Why is Manuka Honey more expensive than other honeys?

A: Manuka Honey is unique to New Zealand and to obtain pure Manuka Honey is a specialised task for beekeepers. Manuka Honey is more difficult to extract and has a limited harvest period as it is only collected at certain times of the year. The unique properties of Manuka Honey are well understood by consumers around the world, thereby creating a continually high level of demand.

Q: Why does honey’s colour and texture vary?

A: Honey is a natural product, influenced by seasonal and regional conditions. Some areas produce paler honey than others. Like a good wine, honey will grow in flavour and darken with age.

Q: Diabetes– can I take your honey?

A: Nectar from plants is the sugar source for honey. It is collected by bees, stored and ripened in the hive. The resulting honey is rich in natural fructose and glucose. Diabetics should consult their healthcare professional before consuming honey.

Q: Can Manuka Honey be taken during pregnancy?

A: Manuka Honey has been taken by pregnant women for many years with no reported problems as a result of its ingestion.

Q: Can children take Manuka Honey?

A: We do not recommend that honey be given to children under the age of one.

Q: Can I use a jar of Manuka Honey on my wound?

A: No. Manuka Honey that is purchased in a jar is for oral/internal use only.